Previously Straight

Falling Out with D*sney

So the 30 something me would love to write that she doesn’t like D*sney.  That it is a capitalist, brainwashing, evil co-operate, money making machine on a par with St*rb*cks. However.  Anyone who actually knows me knows that I was... Continue Reading →


The First Actual Date

The first date had been planned.  An unimaginative pub drink, but in a local, quirky place so all was good. But how does one go on a date with another woman? What do you wear? What do other women find... Continue Reading →

Reassuring straight female friends that I don’t fancy them.

Hello. I-have-a-girlfriend-I-used-to-be-straight-but-I’m-not-now-but-I-don’t-fancy-you. Chatty friend has been enthralled by mine and Foreign Woman’s hook-up from the start and has asked many, many questions. Last Thursday I arranged a social with her: “Hey lovely. Yes was thinking cooly pub around 8. Let... Continue Reading →

The Turning Talk

AGBF* had been away for a couple of weeks. This always sends me wobbley. I was happy to have him back, and a dinner and a wine catch up was planned. There’d been an email whilst away but basically he... Continue Reading →

Straight for 27 years, and then…

I am around thirty, have been successfully self-employed for 8 years, and have done enough soul-searching to more or less work out who I am in this world. Part of that was fancying men. A year and a half ago... Continue Reading →

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